Frequently Ask Questions
ls the "itch on scalp" resolved by scratching? “ 头皮痒 ” 抓一抓就没事了吗?
The ‘itch on scalp‘ is the warning of a problematic scalp. The rise of pH value of the scalp surface will cause increase of bacteria.
The scalp surface will become sensitive and tight, and is easily prone to itching. Therefore, the best treatment is prevention.
ls it all right to be getting used to "dandruff“? “ 头皮屑 ” 习惯就好了吗?
The dandruff comes from rapid ageing of scalp surface. This includes slow metabolism, infection by mould (Pityrosporum Sporumovale), cuticle ablation and injured mucous membrane tissue.
Can "oily scalp" be resolved by frequent shampooing? “ 头皮出油 “ 常常洗就解决了吗?
When 1-6 pieces of sebaceous glands in each hair follicle expand and cause hyper-secretion of oil. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is produced and the level of hormone (male hormone) is relatively high. Should the secretion of oil be too much it will flow back to the hair follicle tissue. This forms calcification and blocks the absorption of nutrition.
Do you pretend not noticing the "shedding of hair"? “ 掉头发 ” 当作没看到就算了吗?
Normal person sheds around 100 pieces of hair daily on average. when the number exceed the safety range, extra care of the scalp must be conducted in order to prevent ageing and calcification of hair follicle. ln coordination with the course of treatment, the life cycle of hair will be extended and growth of hair will be promoted.